September 2005, Grapevine, Texas

“Accommodating the Demands of Increasing Volume: A Workshop for Public and Private DNA Profiling Laboratories” was co-chaired by Dr. Michael Baird of DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) and Dr. Amanda Sozer of DNA Technology Consulting Services, LLC.

The workshop speakers and the topics they covered were:

  • Dr. Michael Baird, DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC)—“ASCLD/LAB International Accreditation”
  • Dr. Bob Shaler, Pennsylvania State University—“Generating Trained and Competent Personnel to Staff Growing Laboratories”
  • Dr. Chris Maguire, Forensic Science Services—“Reducing Turnaround Time: Setting Reasonable Goals and Expectations”
  • Dr. Amanda Sozer, DNA Technology Consulting Services, LLC—“Scalability: Preparing the DNA Laboratory for a Mass Fatality Incident”
  • Dr. Steve Sherry, National Center for Biotechnology and Information—“Implementing Quality Assessment Tools for High-Volume Profile Review”
  • Dr. John Butler, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)—“Standardizing Mixture Interpretation: An Open Discussion”
  • Dr. Charles Brenner, DNA-VIEW—“Relationship Calculations in Unusual Cases”