The Human Identity Trade Association (HITA) is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1993 by representatives from the private sector of the human identity testing industry. Its members include businesses and individuals that perform human identity testing and manufacture the products that make such testing possible. The primary objectives of the organization are to promote the human identity testing industry and enhance its contributions to the public.

Be sure to read HITA’s mission statement.

Promoting the Human Identity Testing Industry

HITA provides a unified voice for the private companies and laboratories involved in forensic and parentage DNA testing. This includes the entities that perform the testing as well as those that produce the materials and equipment used in it. The work of the human identity testing industry is regulated by federal and state legislation, and HITA strives to represent the interests of the private entities in this legislation. In fact, being heard and represented in the legislative process was the original reason why HITA was founded. HITA also works to develop industry standards and, as needed, to gather statistics about the industry.

Enhancing the Industry’s Contributions to the Public

HITA endeavors to increase public understanding of the industry’s products and services through educational programs. Since 1993, HITA has sponsored and participated in numerous educational workshops to increase public awareness and acceptance of forensic and parentage DNA testing services.

For more information about the association’s work to influence legislation, improve the industry, and educate the public, please visit the Accomplishments section of this site.