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DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is a world leader in DNA testing. We provide a wide range of DNA services including family relationship, forensic, research and medical DNA testing, as well as veterinary DNA testing. Our fully accredited laboratory has obtained and upheld more than 25 perfect inspections by both national and international laboratory inspection bodies. DDC consistently exceeds industry standards for its stringent procedures and world-renowned, highly qualified laboratory staff.

divider-line-955DNA Family Relationship Testing

DDC is best known for its family relationship testing services. Our laboratory offers the following relationship DNA tests:

  • Parentage tests, including paternity and maternity testing
  • Siblingship
  • Grandparentage
  • Twin zygosity
  • Genetic reconstruction and family studies

A unique feature of DDC’s family relationship DNA tests is the DualProcess™, a comprehensive strategy to reduce errors in testing. All samples we receive are processed for independent testing by separate technical teams. They carefully record each step to ensure that samples are properly identified and tracked throughout. At the end of the process, our laboratory directors review the raw and analyzed data produced by both teams, ensuring the results match. The DualProcess™ eliminates common laboratory mistakes and assures clients of accurate, reliable results.

In addition to family relationship testing, DDC offers recreational ancestry testing services through its subsidiary, Ancestry by DNA™.


Forensic DNA Testing

DDC’s Forensic DNA Testing Division offers forensic DNA testing, DNA expert consultation, and forensic paternity determination services.

  • Forensic DNA testing: We provide independent consultation services to defense attorneys and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. DDC Forensics Services provides DNA testing expertise for Innocence Projects across the nation. We also provide pro bono DNA testing services for The Ohio Innocence Project.
  • DNA expert services: Our forensic DNA analysts serve as expert witnesses in courtrooms across the nation.
  • Forensic paternity determination: If DNA testing is needed for criminal paternity, our Forensic Team can handle the case from start to finish.


Research and Medical DNA Testing Services

DDC works with medical professionals as well as university and research scientists in the verification of human and mouse cell lines, Mycoplasma detection, pathogenic species identification, and medical testing. DDC Medical offers the following services:

  • Human and mouse cell line authentication using short tandem repeat (STR) DNA profiling
  • PCR detection of Mycoplasma contamination in cell lines and cell cultures
  • Human and mouse pathogen panel PCR detection services
  • Non-invasive Panorama™ prenatal test
  • Bone marrow engraftment monitoring
  • DNA biobanking services


Veterinary DNA Testing Services

DDC Veterinary provides DNA testing and analysis for veterinarians, breeders, and other animal enthusiasts. Services include:

  • Canine testing: Parentage verification and inherited traits and disease screening to assist breeders in mating and health management.
  • Avian sex determination: Only DNA analysis can determine the sex of many exotic birds, for which sex cannot be established by visual inspection.
  • Equine and feline: Parentage determination for horses and cats and testing to assist in health management. Feline and equine inherited traits and diseases screening tests are also available.


Laboratory Accreditations 

DDC is accredited by the following industry organizations:

AABB: Formerly the American Association of Blood Banks (Relationship Testing Standards Program)

ACLASS (ISO/IEC: 17025): ACLASS Accreditation Services for International Laboratory Quality Standards

CAP: College of American Pathologists

ASCLD/LAB-International: American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors

NYSDOH: New York State Department of Health

CLIA: Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

SCC: Standards Council of Canada

NATA: National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia

MOJ: Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom


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